In addition to his teaching (, Matthew Szudzik occasionally presents special lectures. The times and locations of these lectures are given below.

Is Turing's thesis the consequence of a more general physical principle?

Turing's thesis and physics

One... two... three... Six?!??

The computable universe hypothesis

Why mathematics needs the humanities

Can we define 1/0 = 13 ?

The trouble with types

Cantor's absurd question: How many coordinates do you need to parameterize a surface?

An elegant pairing function

What is the NKS approach to mathematics?

The definability of functionals in Gödel's theory T

Can we define 1/0 = 13 ?

Who was László Kalmár and what were his functions?

Exploring recursively defined sequences

A standard pseudocode for describing the logical structure of (generalized) algorithms